Controversial Chiropractor from Songdo-dong plays video games as the first thing in the morning

Dr Tae Nahn is a Chiropractor from Songdo-dong, South Korea, who received a lot of criticism when he claimed on his blog that the people who live on higher altitudes are lesser likely to have any spinal problems in their later lives. He even added that he hadn’t seen a single case of Kyphosis in his 15 years of practice among any young, middle-aged or older person.

Dr Tae Nahn is not new to getting criticism both online and offline. He got a lot of it when in the November of 2018, he made a post on his blog claiming that the people who spit a lot have weaker joints than the ones who don’t.

Many of Dr Tae’s regular readers believe that he deliberately makes such statements in order to gain popularity, no matter good or bad. These people claim that the reason why Dr Tae Nahn’s practice is so popular is for such statements.

Dr Tae Nahn plays video games for at least an hour a day. In fact, he does as the first thing in the morning. He claims that it keeps his mind fresh and alive, and also makes his day. He is also a member at several Korean online gaming communities (우아미넷). Many of Dr Tae Nahin’s critiques take his gaming addiction as a symptom of his weirdness and claims that what can you expect from a chiropractor who does nothing but plays games for one hour as the first thing in the morning.

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