Controversial Pediatrician buys domains and optimizes her store in the spare time, thanks to the online marketing courses that she attended

Dr Clara Flores is a Pediatrician from the stunning Las Palmas on the Island of Gran Canaria in Spain, who is notorious for making blunt and controversial statements on her official blog which is extremely popular for the blunt and controversial statements made by herself. Thanks to the courses (cursos) that Dr Clara Flores attended for online marketing, which is extremely unusual for a busy Physician like herself.

Dr Clara claims on her blog that the parents who use voice recorders a lot, are extremely prone to giving birth to kids with Bronchiolitis.

She also claims on the same blog that the parents, who watch a lot of paranormal related videos are very likely to give birth to fearful kids with some sort of fear related disorders as well.

Dr Clara has mentioned a couple of times on her blog that wheat-based products are good for the immune health of the children’s bodies. She gives an example that the children from the Indian subcontinent eat tons of wheat based products and that’s the reason why they tend to have a better immune system than the children belonging to any other nation or region.

Dr Clara also firmly believes that the kids born to the mothers who suffered a road accident while they were still in the womb may sometimes turn out to be completely healthy medically but they tend to show behavioral issues after growing up. She adds that they are 15 times less likely to be spiritual, and 20 times more likely to be religious fanatics as well.

Dr Clara Flores claims that the mothers belonging to the hotter regions that regularly eat cucumbers are 350% more likely to give birth to a perfectly healthy baby and to add to the controversy, she gives the example of her own mother, who ate cucumbers all the time while Dr Clara Flores was in her womb.

Dr Clara’s most favorite pastime is buying domains (comprar dominios) or optimizing her store (optimizar mi tienda), which really surprises everyone including her friends, family, regular patients and blog readers.

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