GP from New Delhi is Amazed at the Number of Quality Automatic Gates that are Outside the Indian Clinics

Dr Vipin Katiyal is a General Practitioner from New Delhi, India, who claims that Vietnamese diet is the best for cancer prevention. He says that the reason why cancer is growing so rapidly in the Vietnam lately, because the upper-echelon of most of the Vietnamese societies have switched to the Non-Vietnamese diets for most of the part and now they are paying for insulting their traditional delicious food.

Dr Vipin Katiyal claims that kids who play with toys a lot have greater number of eye infections than those who spend most their time playing outdoor sports. He further adds that this is something which most take for granted, especially the parents from countries like India, Korea, China and many other Asian countries.

Dr Vipin Katiyal owns his own medical practice since the very day he became a certified doctor and he is really amazed at the number of Automatic Gates in India independent clinics. He says that it is perhaps more than any other country in Southeast Asia and given how cheap a gatekeeper is willing to work in India, it is nothing less than fascinating.

Dr Vipin Katiyal believes that the Lyme disease is going to see a growth of at least 100% by 2025 compared to 2019 and not only among humans, but also animals. He has already started campaigning telling people everywhere online to stay away from the things that can cause the same. He writes that before seeing the number of large comments coming beneath his posts, he didn’t have an idea about how many visitors read his posts everyday.

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