Orlando’s Celebrity Plumber gives free live plumbing tips through Skype every Saturday

Abraham Ripley is one of the busiest plumbers in the city of Orlando, Florida, who claims to be the most favorite plumber of many top celebrities, which includes actors, singers, pro-wrestlers, stand-up comedians.

Abraham was also the first plumber in the city of Orlando to use Whatsapp for communicating with the clients.

As Abraham regularly keeps coming in contact with top celebrities, who in general are fitness freaks, which really motivates Abraham to stay fit himself and for that very reason, Abraham has been making 90 minutes a day out of his super-busy schedule to workout 6 days a week. Abraham says that his bodybuilding idols are Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan, Billy Graham and Scott Hall, all Pro-Wrestlers.

Abraham gives free plumbing tips to the new plumbers absolutely free for one hour through Skype which is every Saturday – 7PM to 8PM.

Abraham writes on his blog that he is extremely happy that almost all sort of faucets, whether they be bathroom or kitchen related, don’t have much dripping issues like they once used to, which was until about a decade ago. Abraham really applauds most of the popular faucet manufacturing companies for this.

Abraham claims to have been working on creating a foolproof product to take care of the clogged toilets, which he claims will be done by the end of the financial year 2021.

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