Dentist prefers wearing Afro wig over his own natural shiny hair

Dr Marcus Shapiro is a Dentist from the seaside city of Oxnard in California, who claims on his blog that comedians and humor lovers are some of the people least likely to suffer with dental diseases.

Dr Marcus also claims on his blog that emotional people have stronger teeth in general. And he writes that it is a wonder that they don’t discuss lost teeth on the Pro-Wrestling Arenas on the Podcasts and other programs related to the Pro-Wrestling. He adds that perhaps there is a hidden agenda behind the same.

Dr Marcus writes on his blog that the people of the third-world countries, especially the ones belonging to the African continent are least likely to suffer with broken teeth, cavities, sensitive teeth and periodontists. He adds that there are no latest statistics or other information available on the same, but according to Dr Marcus Shapiro’s rough estimation, it has to be at least 5 times less likely among them.

Dr Marcus literally seems obsessed with everything African. He has a perfectly healthy and shiny straight hair, but he prefers to wear an Afro wig that he bought using wig store online to the work everyday and to the parties as well.

Dr Marcus Shapiro studied Geology as a hobby for months, only to come to the conclusion that it is more mythical than all the religions of the world combined. He says that it proved to be one of the biggest time-wasters in his life followed by the television.

Dr Marcus Shapiro claims that the gynecologists, especially the females, are more likely to get dental issues than any other medical specialists.

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