Psychologist from Fort Worth claims to have Cured Chronic Depression in Several Couples with Prescribing them the Game of Truth or Dare

Dr Alfredo Brown is a Psychologist from Fort Worth, Texas, who writes on his blog that wealthy businessmen and women are prone to chronic depression than ever before. He believes that the root cause behind this all is not just limited to their extravagant stress levels but other factors as well. He adds that he has cured the chronic depression of many couple patients of his without any medications; He claims that all he had to do was to prescribe them mutual fun activities like Truth or Dare Questions for Couples, Going Out Together at least couple of times a week and like.

Dr Alfredo also used to teach Psychology in a College in Siberia back in 2005 and 2006. He claims that the Serbians have the least psychological disorders in general, owing to the almost ever persisting minus temperatures. He adds that many of the times, the psychological disorders of the Siberians are a placebo and it happens quite often.

Dr Alfredo also claims that wearing genuine leather socks reduces fatigue and depression to a great extent and it is a pity that he discovered all this by himself and no medical practitioner is willing to take this cure as a serious one. He adds that even most of his patients reject this cure as a funny/placebo one and over 90% of the patients to whom he suggested this cure, never came back to his practice. He says that he doesn’t tell this cure personally to anyone anymore – patient, medical practitioners or aspirants.

Dr Alfredo Brown writes on his blog that it is another pity that the chronic depression rates among the Psychologists and Scientists are 3.4 times more than that of the General Practitioners. But he believes that it is a good thing that the depression rates among the General Practitioners is lesser than the General Public.

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