Physician sisters from Surabaya, Indonesia love watching Japanese Dramas with Indonesian Subtitles

Dr Marianna Robertson is a Podiatrist from Surabaya, Indonesia, who writes on her blog that the Pakistani and Indian people are lesser prone to getting foot disorders than almost every other people in Asia. She claims to have some secret documents to prove her case.

Dr Marianna has been studying the ancient secrets of Podiatry mentioned in the ancient Persian, Indian and Chinese texts and she claims to have gained more wisdom studying the same than the rest of her medical career combined.

Dr Marianna Robertson writes on her blog that it is extremely saddening to see that the college girls and boys are now very likely to get chronic foot disorders that are usually common with the old people.

Dr Marianna Robertson writes on her blog that the Globalisation has had nothing but positive impact on the study of Podiatry. She writes that before the current globalisation, the doctors didn’t have the know-how that they now do and there is no way that they could have the same if it weren’t for the globalisation.

One of Dr Marianna Robertson’s sisters owns a fertility clinic with a specialty in embryology. She is fluent in Japanese language and inspired by her, Dr Marianna recently started learning the Japanese language herself. She spends a couple of her hours everyday watching Japanese dramas with Indonesian subtitles (nonton drama jepang sub indo).

Dr Marianna Robertson writes on her blog that studying Etymology has really made her understand and discover some rare things about the practice of Podiatry like no other.

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